Confirmation of Transitional Arts Council England Funding

Museums Sheffieldhas received confirmation of a further £341,000 in Transitional Funding from Arts Council England. The sum, which covers the next four months, is intended to assist Museums Sheffield’s business continuity by allowing it to maintain immediate exhibition commitments whilst also supporting a restructure of the organisation. Following this restructure, Museums Sheffield will apply for Renaissance Strategic support funding from the Arts Council later in the year.

Transitional Funding will enable Museums Sheffield to deliver an exhibition of Andy Warhol self-portraits at the Graves Gallery, a new family exhibition from the V&A, Magic Worlds at Weston Park, and a show by the Sheffield-based contemporary artist Paul Morrison at theMillennium Gallery.

Following its unsuccessful Renaissance Major partner funding bid, Museums Sheffield is currently undertaking a restructure to downsize the organisation in line with assured sources of future income. Around 21 posts marked for redundancy will come to an end by 31 March 2012. Overall, Transitional Funding will allow 23 further redundancies to be temporarily pushed back into the late summer, as well as the continuation of the Fundraising post for another 12 months. This will allow the organisation to preserve some further aspects of public service over the next few months and to retain the staff expertise needed to prepare the best possible bid for Renaissance Strategic support funding.

While Renaissance Strategic support funding is expected to become available later this year, negotiations with the Arts Council continue to determine the level of funding Museums Sheffield will be able to apply for, when applications will be accepted and what criteria these bids must meet.

Nick Dodd, Chief Executive of Museums Sheffield, said:

‘Over the last month, the people of Sheffield have clearly demonstrated how much culture in the city means to them. Sheffield deserves vibrant and engaging museums and galleries and we are pleased that the Arts Council has agreed the Transitional Funding necessary to deliver our exhibition programme over the summer period and temporarily extend a number of staff posts. It is with great sadness that we lose so many colleagues who have made such a huge contribution to the cultural life of the city, but we will work with our partners to explore a sustainable programme for exhibitions and activity going forward.’

Councillor Helen Mirfin-Boukouris, Sheffield City Council's Cabinet Member for Business, Growth and Jobs, said:

‘The announcement of the transitional funding is welcome news for Museums Sheffield and the city.  Whilst I am obviously still disappointed that Sheffield's bid for Renaissance Major partner funding was turned down, this announcement is a step in the right direction. We will continue to support Museums Sheffield through this difficult time.’

This second sum of Transitional Funding follows the previously confirmed £190,000 intended to support the current redundancy process, enable the completion of the Stories of the World, young people’s project - Precious Cargo (part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad), and temporarily, continue museum development work in the region.

Feb 27 2012


  1. Written by Dave Atkin about 3 years, 7 months ago

    There are still questions to be answered here. The damage done by those out side Sheffield with too much influence over what happens here still need to be challenged - if not within 18 months there will be nothing left to save and foundations not big enough to rebuild what the City and region has built over decades

  2. Written by Cath about 3 years, 7 months ago

    But the damage done to those outside Sheffield to places outside Sheffield is even worse. You have the Deputy PM fighting your corner since the loss of your major funding. I am pleased for you (for the time being at least), and your staff and projects certainly deserve more, but I understand that Nick Clegg has met with Swaine (Director of Museums) of ACE to discuss the loss of funding to Sheffield and ACE have now responded in kind. If only other Museum services were so well supported at Westminster.

    And yes, it is sour grapes. Very bitter, sour unpalatable grapes. I am one of those (not in Sheffield) who will lose their job. I do apologise but Cath is not my real name. I need to vent but do not want to debate. I am angry, upset, scared and now ashamed to be massively qualified but, at 28, to be unemployed thanks to recent decisions.

  3. Written by Dave Atkin about 3 years, 7 months ago

    AKA Cath, Yes, personally I feel for you and all others who are being affected by decisions coming out of the Arts Council. Unfortunately having Nick Clegg as one Sheffield MP is a mixed blessing - as is having a suddenly Labour Council since the last election, neither wins us many friends in Westminster and the Arts Council tend to react adversely to being put under any kind of pressure or having their decisions challenged. In Sheffield it isn't just the decision that has got everyone outside the Museum Service (we are still losing at least 21 jobs)so mad but how the decision was made and in whose favour. Once again Leeds and York benefit at Sheffields expense - when the Arts Council in Yorkshire Board and their regional director are all from or connected to the Museums and Councils in West & North Yorkshire. Nick Clegg has put his two penneth in because the people of Sheffield have kicked off so much - what are the people in your area doing Cath?

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