Continued support from Sheffield City Council


Sheffield City Council confirmed with us yesterday that it will retain our core funding at present levels over 2012/13.  There had been fears that last week’s decision by the Arts Council to turn down Sheffield’s bid for major grant funding would lead to a ‘double whammy’ cut to the core funding we receive from the Council.

Our Chief Exec, Nick Dodd, has this to say:

“We’d like to thank Sheffield City Council, who today told us they would protect the annual funding we receive from them from further cuts later this year. We recognise that at a time when the Council is having to make huge savings, this continued investment in museums and galleries represents a firm commitment to the city’s cultural life and economy.  While this decision will not fill the huge hole left by last week’s Arts Council funding withdrawal, it does send out a very clear message about the resilience of culture in Sheffield”

A big thank you once again to all those who have supported us during this difficult period.     


Feb 03 2012


  1. Written by joy hurding about 3 years, 8 months ago

    some encouraging news hope the appeal will be listened to

  2. Written by Jill Lauriston about 3 years, 7 months ago

    I don’t often feel constrained to write in protest about things, but I do want to add my voice to the protests about the loss of Arts Council funding, especially in relation to Weston Park Museum. It is a great shame about the likely fate of the Galleries, and as an amateur artist, I do take some interest in the Millenium exhibitions and life classes. As far as art is concerned, I am now a firm convert to the new Hepworth at Wakefield, which runs really excellent course, and there is so much art to be seen everywhere these days.
    But this is not true on the Natural History side. I was saddened when the old Mappin Gallery and Museum was “up-graded”, as I was a regular visitor from my old office in Firth Court, but the main reaon I am writing is because I recently visited the re-furbished Weston Park Museum with a friend from the SOUTH. He was very impressed by the Natural History section, and said that the Natural History Museum in London paled into insignificance beside it. It wasn’t so much the extent of the collections, but the way they were presented. Not the usual Kiddy-wink orientated digital stuff, but one which adults like us, with an interest in the natural world could enjoy too. The Museum was heaving with people, many children clearly fascinated by what they saw.
    Another thing I want to mention is that I recently went on a Nature Walk in Shirebrook with the Rangers and the local wildlife group. There I met a very young man called Ibrahim, aged about 10, accompanied by his mother and sister, who has an amazing interest and knowledge in wild life. What a tragedy it would be if people like him, perhaps our future David Attenboroughs, are stifled because the City cannot fund Weston Park. I have a background as a biologist and a recently renewed interest in it in retirement. I am now a member of the Sorby NH Society, a wonderfully active group, again of which there are few equivalents elsewhere.
    Please do you what you can to ensure that Sheffield keeps its strengths in this area.

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